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We’ll help you develop strategies, align culture, refine organization structure, redesign/build processes, and develop talent.

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Get Help With Marketing And Placement Services

The Ascend Group specializes in marketing, placement services, web development, lead services,  social media services and more!

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• Tower Maintenance
• Electrical
• Automotive
• Plumbing

We exist to take your business headaches away.

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Devro is an organization that cares for you. We strive to be a company that will remain a constant partner with your business in times of celebration, struggle, and every time in between.

We are dedicated to finding fulfillment in the workplace.

Devro gives us the tools for problem solving, collecting our thoughts, and growing our business at the right speed.

We have experienced a lot of growth and success in the year we have worked with them.

– Jerry Shank, General Manager, Tool Tech