Lead Gen Services: Local Service Ads by GOOGLE

If Google makes, manages, and changes their own algorithms, why not call them and ask the right questions to make sure you know how to get the best results?

Now, Google makes hundreds of billions of dollars each year off of advertising, so their first response is always going to be to spend more money when asked, “How can I get more leads?”. But when you ask the right people the right questions, you’ll get valuable answers.

Our team spends roughly an hour each week on the phone with customer service representatives or client success managers of all of Devro Group and its clients’ lead services. A quick check in allows us to make sure our accounts are right where they need to be and that we are on the right track in growth and improvement.

Pictured below is a phone call our team had with Google’s Local Service Ads.

Local Service Ads

It’s a bit lengthy, but after asking the right questions, we were able to receive a lot of important tips on growing our account. A few findings are listed below.

-Competitors are paying $600 more each week for leads but paying double the cost for each lead.
-The difference between 1st rank and 2nd rank in our service area is a $250 difference each week, but lead quantities are cut in half.
-LSA prioritizes location first then quality keyword reviews second unlike other lead services.
-Longer calls with leads are interpreted as better customer service. “hanging up quickly and not providing good customer service may cause lower ranking.”

Many business owners and decision makers don’t have time to get on the phone with their customer service representatives. That’s why our team does it for you. Let the marketing and advertising experts make sure your dollars bring in qualified leads. Message or call us today to find out if you qualify for our lead generation package options.

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