Coaches Call Your Blind Spots

Why do you keep going for touchdowns every play when all you need to do is get a first down to get more playtime? Why are you kicking a field goal from 60 yards when you know your kicker can only do 40 yards? If your running back keeps fumbling, why do you keep having him run? Why aren’t the lineman blocking? Is the quarterback even aware of the open players on the field?

As we gear up for football season, we are reminded of these frustrating thoughts as we watch our favorite football teams season round. But why don’t we apply these questions to our business?

Why does your sales team keep fumbling the sale? Why do your team players keep going to other teams? Are your team members calling audibles instead of your managers? Are your coaches or leaders? managers assigning bad routes to hardworking employees? Do your employees know how important it is to work as a team towards the same wins?

Our success coaches and consulting team asked our clients to answer these questions. Our clients’ results were boiled down to these four pain points. The pain points were hiring & employee retention, developing leaders, marginal profitability, and not having enough time.

Of these four pain points, which stings the most to you? Is there a pain point in your business that isn’t listed? Share your perspective with us in the comments below!

Our coaches have a large playbook with years of experience to resolve many issues that your business faces. Does your business have a coach in your ear on the sideline? Send us a message. Let’s get your team a win!

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